Following on from our successful ‘celebrating culture through food’ day in 2015, we’re now gearing up for this year’s day!

We’re really excited that the theme for 2016 is fresh and healthy local foods.  We’re looking forward to bringing together children and communities across the world sharing their experiences, stories and news about food in their local communities

Follow our activity on Twitter using #ISMD2016 and on the Blogs page. You can also go to our tumblr page to see stories and pictures of favourite dishes and traditional school meals, created as part of our celebrations in previous years.

You can also support #ISMD2016 by taking part in our social media Thunderclap

To kick-start it all, we’re hosting a competition asking children and young people to send in their drawings, photos or stories about their fresh and healthy local foods. Submit your entry to ismd@childreninscotland.org.uk by Sunday 28 February: the winning three entries will receive a certificate and be shared online.

A hungry or emotional child cannot develop physically, mentally or emotionally. Healthy eating habits provide the optimum mental and physical health for children and, once established, last a lifetime.

Dr Yibo Wood, Nutritionalist, USA Government Department of Agriculture