Shared practice from previous years



  • 2015 – 14 October Secondary School for girls

    Yemeni traditional dishes Background The students wanted to participate in International School Meals Day as part of the ISA project they did about school meals. What we did / what we are doing The students prepared famous traditional dishes. Then they had a food exhibition at school and invited the parents and school council and their school mates. The [...]

  • 2015 – Carterknowle School and Taylor Shaw

    The International School Bake Off 2015 Carterknowle School Nutrition Action Group – The ‘Tooty Fruities’ regularly meet up to learn more about food and nutrition and discuss its opinion of school meals provided by Taylor Shaw. They have recently reviewed the new School Food Standards and decided they wanted to help Taylor Shaw develop more [...]

  • 2015 – Partnership for Child Development

    Creating tasty traditional school meals through Home Grown School Feeding Here are some startling facts for you: 368 million school meals are served up every school day and yet 60 million children go to school hungry every school day. At the same time over 44 million children are classed as overweight. To tackle this issue, [...]

  • 2015 – Planet Aid

    Background Many children in rural Mozambique go to school with an empty stomach. Families often do not have enough means to provide their children with a lunch or a coin or two to buy a snack during the day.  In fact, many Mozambican families cannot afford to eat more than once a day. Most often, the daily meal [...]

  • 2014 – Beaconhouse School System, Gulshan Primary Campus, Pakistan

    JUNIOR MASTER CHEFS TAUGHT PARENTS AND THEIR PEERS TO MAKE HEALTHY SCHOOL MEALS Background At a growing stage all students require a certain level of daily nutritional value from the food they consume daily, to stay healthy and fit either for studying or for being active in the playground. We need to fulfil the nutritional needs of our [...]

  • 2014 – CentroNía/DC Bilingual Public Charter School, USA

    SALAD BARS IN SCHOOLS CentroNía serve 3 meal a day to children from 3 months to 6th grade. After restructuring our Food Program six years ago, we changed from catering to producing our own meals. We use whole grains, lean meats, only fresh fruit and vegetables, serve vegetarian ones or twice a week for all students and serve fish [...]

  • 2014 – Chesapeake Christian Homeschool Academy, USA

    CROSS-CURRICULAR CONNECTION: BOTANY Background We are studying botany for science this year in our early elementary homeschool co-op. Ever since I was a public schoolteacher, one of my joys is weaving together different subject areas. What we did / what we are doing We have just begun the chapter on roots, so this week we will be tasting [...]

  • 2014 – DAV Public School, Sahibabad, India

    SCHOOLS HEALTHY KITCHEN Background Healthy food leads to healthy life – both in body and mind. Considering the fact that maintaining good health is the need of the hour in modern city life, ‘International School Meals Day” was celebrated in DAV Public School, Sahibabad with much enthusiasm and excitement. The motto was to inculcate healthy food habits among [...]

  • 2014 – Dubag Ideal Academy, Bangladesh

    SCHOOL MEALS FESTIVAL Background I registered with BBC and was informed by mail of the British Council. I talked with our Headmaster about the day and he arranged a meeting of the  ’Student Council ‘. That’s why we have come to celebrate the day. What we did / what we are doing We started on 4th March [...]

  • 2014 – International School of Louisiana, USA

    International Cuisine: Our school is a language immersion school and we celebrate cultural diversity in all areas of our community. What we did / what we are doing As a vital part of the ISL community, the Food Services Department has been celebrating international cuisine day monthly (1-2 times a month). An international dish is presented to students [...]

  • 2014 – JUNAEB (Chilean school meals program), Chile

    BETTER FOOD IN CHILEAN SCHOOLS Background JUNAEB manages the School Meals Program (SMP), which for more than 40 years has provided meal services – mostly breakfast and lunch – to students from low-income families. As of today, JUNAEB provides meal services to almost 2 million students across the country, accounting for more than 3.5 million meal services per day. [...]

  • 2014 – Just Trading Scotland (JTS)

    90KG RICE CHALLENGE Background JTS has challenged schools, as well as churches, colleges and other organisations, to sell 90kg of rice – the amount of rice sold that would enable a Malawian farmer pay for a year’s basic secondary education for one child. Pupils have an achievable goal: selling 90kg of rice, which can be undertaken at a [...]

  • 2014 – M.M. Public School, Vasudha Enclave, Pitampura, Delhi, India

    GOOD FOOD ENDS WITH GOOD TALK Background It is the need of the hour to create awareness among the pupils of classes 1-5 about their diet and the nutritional value of the food they eat. Although nowadays kids are inclined more towards tempting fast food like pizza’s, burgers, pastas, cold-drinks etc. It is our motto to impart the [...]

  • 2014 – National Education Development Fund, Brazil

    National School Feeding Program Background: The “PNAE – The National School Feeding Program” is the oldest federal governmental social program on feeding and nutrition in Brazil. It emerged more than 50 years ago and developed over the years until it became a state policy law (11.947) in 2009. It contributes to student’s biopsychosocial growth and development, improves learning, [...]

  • 2014 – Nower Hill High School, Pinner, UK

    HEALTHY EATING PROJECT AND LUNCH CLUB FOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL MEALS DAY Background As a school, we interested in this project as we would like to promote healthy lifestyles. What we did / what we are doing A series of lessons on favourite foods and healthy eating habits was taught to students from many different cultural backgrounds during the [...]

  • 2014 – Nower Hill High School, Pinner, UK

    HEALTHY EATING LEAFLETS Background As a school, we are interested in this project as we would like to promote healthy lifestyles. What we did / what we are doing As mentioned in my previous post, a series of lessons on favourite foods and healthy eating habits was taught to students from many different cultural backgrounds. Students created their [...]

  • 2014 – Partnership for Child Development, Imperial College, London, UK

    FIGHTING MALNUTRITION THE GHANA SCHOOL FEEDING PROGRAMME WAY Ghana School Feeding Programme (GSFP) was launched in 2005 to encourage children to go to school, reduce poverty and improve access to food. From a pilot of just 10 schools this extremely popular government programme has expanded to feed over 1.6 million children from 3,000 primary schools with hot nutritious school [...]

  • 2014 – Ryan International School, India

    INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL MEALS DAY Background After going through the British Council website and email regarding International School Meals Day we decided to conduct some activities classwise related to the topic. What we did / what we are doing The activities we organised are running between the 1-4 March 2014 and are as follows: 1. Classes VI [...]

  • 2014 – Ryan International School, India – Day 5

    INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL MEALS DAY DAY 5 CELEBRATIONS Today the students of Class I made beautiful collages depicting healthy food and its importance for the body. They came up with the different ideas and also gave small speeches about the work done by them in class. Class II prepared posters containing slogans on the topic: HEALTHY FOOD v/s JUNK [...]

  • 2014 – Swarnapali Balika National School, Sri Lanka

    Healthy eating: Too often these days people eat a diet high in fast foods which contain unnatural additives and do not have good nutritious values. I suggested we make our own home garden in the school to cultivate fresh vegetable and fruits.   What we did / what we are doing We created a school garden and grew [...]

  • 2014 – The High Range School, India

    Children learn about healthy food and nutritional diet Background Healthy food gives a healthy mind. The first graders at The High Range School learnt about food and food items which provides us with energy. On a continuous basis, the students are updated about healthy eating behaviors. We designed an activity at our school to show the children various food [...]

  • 2014 – Vishaka B.M.V, Bandarawela, Sri Lanka

    A BRAND NEW TASTE Background The activity was done with slight differences in two classes. Grade 10 (15 year olds) and grade 6 ( 10 year olds) Grade 10 The activity was done after a vocabulary lesson using food labels, What we did / what we are doing Grade 10 - A discussion was lead to highlight healthy [...]

  • 2014 – Watkins Mill High School, United States

    IBCC ProSTART IN MARYLAND SKYPES WITH STUDENTS IN UNITED KINGDOM Background We have been discussing the school meals program for years at our school. We Skyped with Acklam Grange School in the United Kingdom and discussed the differences in our school lunch program and presented ideas we had to add to the current menu. What we did [...]

  • 2016 – a magazine article in Mexico!

    International School Meals Day was the focus of a six-page article in Comedores Industriales, marzo – abril de 2016 edition, a Mexican magazine.   Read the article (you will need Flash Player)

  • 2016 – A tasty international menu plan at Ravenscliffe High School and Sports College, Halifax, West Yorkshire

  • 2016 – Cooking and growing together, Locharbriggs Primary School, Dumfries, Scotland

    The staff and pupils at Locharbriggs Primary School, Dumfries have been very busy learning with their school meals staff and wanted to share some of the photographs and comments. During the small group food sessions the Primary 6 children really worked hard when listening and following instructions to prepare three dishes which were then served to the whole [...]

  • 2016 – Food for Life

    Food for Life, a Soil Association initiative, aims to transform food culture and the food environment in schools, early years and health settings. A healthy, affordable and tasty school lunch was on the menu, thanks to groups of brilliant young people!

  • 2016 – Jamie’s Kitchen Garden Project

    Renowned chef Jamie Oliver set up this initiative for young people to learn about healthy eating and how to cook, and they were happy to get involved and spread the International School Meals Day message.

  • 2016 – Photo journal – Liberia and Kyrgyzstan

    A photo journal from the United States Department of Agriculture celebrating primary school and kindergarten aged students enjoying school meals in Liberia and Kyrgyzstan.  

  • 2016 – Taylor Shaw – International Menu Day

    Greenhill School International Menu Background After the success of participating in INSMD 2015 by developing the ‘International Bake Off’ with our school in Sheffield connecting with two schools (Pakistan and America) via the British Schools Council Online, Taylor Shaw wanted to be involved in the fourth ‘International School Meals Day’ 2016. What we did/what are [...]

  • 2016 – Taylor Shaw – Smoothie Bike Roadshow

    Background After the success of participating in ISMD 2015 by developing the ‘International Bake Off’ with our school in Sheffield connecting with two schools (Pakistan and America)  via the British Schools Council Online, Taylor Shaw wanted to be involved in The fourth International School Meals Day theme is ‘fresh and healthy local foods’. What we [...]

  • 2016 – The Greetland Academy, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England

    Greetland Academy cooks more than 1,000 meals a day, all meeting the new food standards. It supplies 6 local primaries with dinners, has a gardening club run jointly with parents, and has held a farmers’ market selling the pupils’ produce. Headteacher Amanda Bennett explains how the West Yorkshire school works with pupils, parents and other schools [...]

  • 2016 – Westfield Primary, York, England

    Westfield Primary in York were happy to share their tasty, healthy school lunches!

  • 2016 – Westside Community Schools, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

    Westside Community Schools and chef Sharon Schaefer cooked up some tasty and nutritious meals to celebrate International School Meals Day.

  • 2016 – World Food Programme

    There was activity across the world, with meals being provided by the World Food Programme.

  • Foyle View School, Northern Ireland

    Emerging Countries: School Meals Day Foyle View School caters for special needs children 3-19 years in Derry, Northern Ireland. The canteen has a daily client base of around 150 meals including special diets plus visiting extra mural projects. What we did / what we are doing We incorporate schools meals day into the monthly theme [...]

  • Government JICA Model School Hayatabad, Peshawar

    We have celebrated International School Meals Day in our school. The students prepared their traditional meal in the school themselves. They were very excited and happy to do such a very creative activity. The parents, community members and neighbours, school’s teachers and the Principal were specially invited. More then 87 community members and teachers took [...]

  • Kaohsiung Municipal Wufu Junior High School, Taiwan

    At our junior high in Taiwan the students aged 13 to 15 have done several cross-cultural projects on British Council (schoolsonline) and joined debates on the World Class. We just focused on this topic about two months ago at school. Students talked about our school lunch, tried to grow vegetables on campus, did video conferencing [...]

  • M.B.Henderson Elementary, USA

    Breakfast is the first meal of the day, students should have nutrients and have enough energy to work at school, so why not having breakfast in the classroom? Fourth grade students at M.B.Henderson school celebrated International School Meals Day. Students shared their breakfast time with students in Scotland through a video conference. All grades have breakfast in the classrom when [...]

  • Manchester Fayre, Manchester City Council, England

    Manchester Fayre’s Award Winning ‘Turf to Tummies’ Toolkit Celebrates International School Meals Day. Background: Turf to Tummies is an educational toolkit which has been designed to teach primary school aged children about where our food comes from, where it appears on the Manchester Fayre menu and the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet. The [...]

  • Minno Kitchen, England

    A local Somerset food venture Minno Kitchen is working with Hinton St George Church of England First School to cook for International School Meals Day. The World Kitchen will see Katy Bull of Minno Kitchen working with pupils to produce food and dishes that will be served the next day to their peers as an alternative [...]

  • Mt. Lebanon School District, Pittsburgh, USA

    Mt. Lebanon School District had a wonderful celebration for International school meals day. We offered taste-testing of international foods to our students which are also food items that are served in our cafeterias, such as mediterranean couscous salad, chicken burritos, pierogies, papaya. The highlight was being able to Skype with Brannock HS in Scotland. The [...]

  • Northern Ireland School Caterers Association, Belfast

    NI School Caterers’ Association (NISCA) has produced posters and stickers for all schools to celebrate the day. Menu suggestions have also been circulated as suggestions for schools to use along with posters produced for the occasion.   Janet McAlister of the school food umbrella organisation, the NI School Caterers’ Association (NISCA), commented: “NISCA has written to every [...]

  • Supreme Education School System, Pakistan

    We have celebrated International School Meals Day in our school. The students prepared their traditional and international meals in the school themselves. They were very excited and happy to do such a creative activity. The parents, community members , teachers and principal were specially invited. They observed and enjoyed this event and tasted all the students prepared food. Class 3 [...]

  • The Department of Education and Children’s School Meals Service, Isle of Man

    Primary school pupils will taste foods from across the globe today with all primaries in the Isle of Man putting on special French, Italian and Chinese menus, as well as normal menu choices. Schools opting for the French menu on Friday 8th March will serve up French-style chicken with peas and ham, Sauté potatoes and French [...]